Heavy Duty Wobble Box (JMT637534)

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The main difference between a normal wobble box and a heavy-duty wobble box is their capacity to handle the load and power transfer. They are designed to handle higher power and torque loads than normal wobble boxes, making them more durable and better suited for heavy-duty applications.

In practical terms, they may have larger bearings, thicker housing material, and a stronger spindle to handle the increased load. Additionally, heavy-duty wobble boxes may be designed with better sealing and lubrication systems to prevent premature wear and failure.

When choosing a wobble box for a particular application, it’s important to consider the intended use and the amount of power that needs to be transferred. A heavy-duty wobble box may be more expensive than a normal wobble box, but it can provide greater durability and longer service life in heavy-duty applications.

The heavy duty wobble boxes are used on:

Header Type  Serial Number
C750 – C450 Rape Lexion 437
C900-C300 Rape Lexion/Tucano/Mega/Medion/Dominator 437
C900-C390 Lexion 700, 708, 711, 714
C900-C450 Lexion 715, D02
Flex Head F900, F750, F530-525, F30-20 438
Grain Head 18 – 30 707
Grain Head G530-525 717
Grain Head Vario V535-530 718
S900-S40 Soja Lexion 436
S900-S450 Soja Lexion/Tucano 440
S900-S450 Soja Mega/Medion/Dominator 439
V1050 – V540 Vario Lexion/Tucano 716, D04
V900 – V540 Vario Lexion 705, 712


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