Double Fingers (JMT626295)

Double Finger, Cutter Bar, 626295, 000626295, Claas Finger, Knife Finger,


000626295 – 626295  Double Finger for Lexion Dominator Mega

We sell original claas and OEM double Fingers for use on the below headers and combines:

Vario 5.4M, 6.0M, 6.6M, 7.5M, Solo 10.5, Solo 5.4, Solo 6.6, Solo 7.5, Solo 9.0
Claas Commandor, Claas Dominator,
Claas Lexion, Claas Medion,
Claas Mega, Claas Tucano,

By upgrading the double fingers, it reduces wear on the knife arm, cutter and wobble box, which saves you cost and time.


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